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Our Brands

Our Brands

At Chalkboard Agencies we currently manage and distribute the following quality brands:

Bariano Lumier

Bariano is a Melbourne based designer dedicated to being at the forefront of global fashion trends, escaping into a world of glamour, femininity and elegance with a sophisticated edge.

The Bariano girl was born in 2004, and the promise to fascinate & charm, dazzle and allure began... Since launching the label nationally in carefully selected boutiques in 2006 Bariano is now also stocked internationally. Our first flagship store was unveiled on Melbourne's Chapel St in 2006.Since then we have had the pleasure of opening a further 6 stores across Melbourne and Sydney's fashion precincts. The team at Bariano pride themselves on their promise to you to always deliver a personalised styling experience making sure the Bariano girl always leaves her mark.



E L L I A T T, an exciting new label by Melbourne designer Katie Pratt. The Elliatt designer saw a gap in the Australian market for high end,exclusive quality occasion pieces that won’t break the bank.

ELLIATT will fill this gap. ELLIATT is made up of eclectic and uniquely designed pieces focusing on exquisite quality fabrics which cut a more flattering fit for women.


Cooper St
For over 25 years, Cooper St has captured the essence of the modern Australian woman. Synonymous with style and elegance, the Cooper St philosophy centers on contemporary design, individuality and the unique Australian lifestyle. Our collections combine vibrant colours and on-trend silhouettes with quality fabrics and exclusive prints. The Cooper St woman is confident, imaginative and free spirited. She styles with a playful sensibility that's fun, feminine and fashionable.

Jimmy Jean
Founded in 2007, Jimmy Jean is classically relaxed clothing characterized by sophisticated & flattering silhouettes. Expect free-spirited takes on refined classics, fresh and versatile pieces. Cut in flattering garments to suit all body types. Jimmy Jean is for women who want to look fashionable all day.

Blessed are the Meek

"In the beginning, in Melbourne 2003 a small gathering of obsessed fashion devotees embarked on a quest to create divine and coveted pieces with which to adorn themselves.So they gathered the finest fabrics and travelled to the four corners of the earth where they saw intricate details and embellishments and modern things like invisible zips and they were in awe and inspired.
The small and creative team toiled for seven long years and made the exodus to Sydney in 2009 where they grew and prospered and became sexy and sophisticated. And soon the word spread that Blessed was divine. And the suave and savvy sought out stores to buy the latest offering.
So they cleverly retained their humility in pricing. In the eighth year they showed their vestments at Australian Fashion week and the traders came from far and wide to procure the wonderous finery and a global style cult was born."